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Our CCTV Cameras work to make people SAFER & world more SECURE

Each product is designed to offer you the best protection from any external or internal threat. From the simplest analog camera to the high tech network surveillance equipment, Vizoid can help you keep an eagle eye on your property.

Each device will be customized to cater to your specific requirements. Be it residential, corporate, and industrial or government locations, we can help you monitor with supreme ease. Welcome to the age of advanced surveillance!

What is ViZOiD

Founded in 2004, Vizoid is involved in researching, manufacturing, and marketing high-end video surveillance products and solutions. Our company offers clients the advantage of high-tech solutions and the most professional support system to handle their queries. Since its inception, the company has strived to further technical innovations and maximize client satisfaction. Our capable and highly efficient R&D; the team has consistently delivered cutting-edge technology to the security and surveillance field.

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